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Captain's log, supplemental

Posted on Sunday April 11th, 2021 @ 6:05pm by Captain Dimitriy (Dima) Miller

Mission: Episode Six: Beyond the horizon
Location: Another galaxy
Timeline: Stardate 98201

With a large section of the starboard nacelle gone and the EPS grid breached in multiple locations, we need an external source of material to replicate the needed parts.
According to Commander Trea's initial study of the nearby solar systems, there might be one that has an M-class planet, or one that is near habitable.
Now, we need to get there without warp speed, while not dying of old age in the process.

Trea's android brain came up with a trick Captain Benjamin Sisko of Deep Space 9 learned from ancient Bajorans - Solar sails.
It's been almost a day dismantling the holo-emitters and repurposing them into said sail, while having little sleep or food.
But we have an ion storm to catch a lift on...


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