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Captain's log

Posted on Sunday April 25th, 2021 @ 1:17pm by Captain Dimitriy (Dima) Miller

Mission: Episode Seven: Which that lies beneath
Location: Temporary planet designation - X01
Timeline: Stardate 98228.3

It's the tenth day since our landing.
An unknown planet in an unknown galaxy.
We named it X01, for now.

For now our efforts have been directed to repairing critical systems and tending to the wounded.
That and preliminary assessment of the hospitability of our immediate surrounding.

Since the main deflector isn't operational yet, we are limited to manual scans, using remotely controlled probes.
The data gathered indicates that there is no toxic element in the air and aside from its relatively low composition of oxygen, it is breathable.
Molecular analysis points to an overall low molecular complexity.
The flora is strange and low on complexity, there is nothing edible and seems to be no fauna - bacteria included.

The soil seems that way too, so to get material for repairs of the nacelle and other structural damage, exploration is required further afield.


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