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Posted on Monday February 3rd, 2020 @ 1:01am by Lieutenant Commander Jonathan "Nox" Essex

“Do we have a deal?”
His ears are so big
“Hey do we have a deal”
And he is so small, about my height and I am just a kid
“Hey Hu-man are you listening?”
I snapped from my reverie and searched my mind for replay
“ahh… who are you again Mr.?”
“Pak, Just Pak, a humble Ferengi businessman”
“Hello Pak, listen my father would kill me if I lose this model he said it’s a special gift for the ambassador”
“Listen here Hu-man child we Ferengi are known for our generosity and care for other species” he doesn’t look like a very caring individual” and I mean no offence but the ambassador would have nothing to do with this model or replica or whatever you wish to call it, so why don’t you” he rubbed his hands together “trade with me for a better suited gift for the ambassador”
Normally I would send him away but this was the first time I saw a Ferengi, or any other specie for that matter, my father would rather take my older brother to those meetings so he was the first alien I saw and I am ashamed to say but I was curious.
“What is this… gift you want me to trade with you” I lifted the small box from his hands and opened the lid
“Ahh my young Hu-man friend this is a rare and beautiful creature bound to bring joy and put a smile on your grumpy ambassador face, especially when this is the last one on this planet” I lifted the lid a bit and saw fur, lots of white-brown fur
“Listen Pak” I started closing the lid “my father has worked hard to find this replica and I’m not sure he would be happy if I gave it away it’s my first time on a diplomatic mission and I want to make a good impression and besides…”
“JOHN” Oh no!
“JOHNATHAN ESSEX DO YOU KEEP ANY TRACK OF TIME” my mother stormed into the waiting room grabbing me by my hand
“Hurry, your father and the ambassador are waiting”
“But mother the box”
“Not now Jonathan we are late as it is”
“But the replica, the “Molor” she is still in the box“
“Yes, yes she is and you are to present it as a gift from the federation, hurry now”
She hurried me out of the waiting room and as I was dragged down the hall I heard a faint voice from behind
“Pleasure doing business”

We arrived at the room with my father at the door
“Hurry young boy, I wish you were at least half as punctual as your brother”
“But, but father” I tried to explain but didn’t think of any good excuse
“Not now, Ah ambassador Ukloq I hope we didn’t kept you waiting”
I admit if I was stammering before I was speechless now
Apparently I have found someone more imposing than my father
“I learned not to expect much from your specie, who is the little one?”
Father blushed a bit but years in the corps have shown their sign and it quickly vanished
“Ambassador, this is my young one Jonathan, it is a tradition among humans to introduce their family as a sign of faith”
He shoved me to the front “and as a token of appreciation they come bearing gifts”
I stood there behind me my father watching my every move like a hawk waiting to see if I’ll make a mistake
In front of me Ukloq, tall, with piercing eyes and a serrated forehead gazing down on this young human
And in the middle me with a box
A box not containing the replica of the I.K.S Molor
“Come on Jonathan” my father whispered
I stepped forward and handed the box to Ukloq
He took the box from my hands and lifted the lid as a look of sheer surprise broke on his face
“Mr. Essex I must say I did not expect this from you” said the ambassador
“Think none of it” replied my father “we wanted to honor your family tradit…” his voice went numb as Ukloq draw out a small ball of fur from the box
I looked back and saw this time the corps training didn’t help him
“Ambassador I can explain”
“No need Essex this is marvelous” his face turned from a blush to complete shock
“Why of course, most humans give me a replica or a model of Fafniri or Tribble prime as you call it and insulting us by believing all we did was to bomb these pests from orbit”
I stood there frozen, shocked and judging by the silence behind me I think my parents were too.
“But you Essex you know us, my forefathers went down there to the ground and destroyed these pets one by one, hey you Essex boy”
He fixed his gaze on me
“Is this the last one?”
I remembered the Ferengi’s word
“Yes ambassador” I stammered” he is the last on this planet”
“Hah perfect because of you boy can reenact my family’s deeds”
He unsheathed a double bladed dagger from his belt
“I Ukloq son of Chahlos in the name of House of Mo'Kai with this D'k tahg in hand”
He then raised his voice to volumes I didn’t think possible
“Will rid this planet of this menace ARRRRRRGH“
Everything after that shout is quite foggy though I remember lots of fur flying everywhere

Captain Dimitri Miller leaned forward on his desk “This is all very fascinating Nox” he said “though I fail to see how this story explain your constant avoidance from your medicals in the clinic” Nox scathed his head grinning “ehh... The event traumatized me and I’m hemophobic? Yes hemophobic that’s it” he said with a grin on his face “Enough!” yelled captain Dima “Listen Chief this is a direct order, you will report to Dr Sherkar in the infirmary in 1600 Hours for your checkups or so help me I'll have the good doctor come to you and he won’t be carrying lollipops this time” The grin disappeared from the chief’s face “But captain…”
“No buts, back to your station”
Dima's hands massaged his temples as the door closed behind the chief
“One more of his explanations I would need to visit the infirmary myself”
And then as he leaned back a thought passed through his head
Tribbles don’t have blood


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