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Chief Science Officer’s Log

Posted on Tuesday March 17th, 2020 @ 4:56pm by Lieutenant Commander Trea

Chief Science Officers Log

My child is born, Pandora’s download went perfectly. As monitoring to ensure that her complete personality and memories had successfully left her mobile unit Kara was able to see Pandora around the ship for her first time. I now know the experience that my parents speak of when trying to get her to sleep for the first time. In her short time around the ship she was able to meet with many of the crew. Even having her first birthday party. Though I am sad that I missed her first steps as a new parent I am just happy she has a “family” that seems to be happy to care for her. She seems to have to a particular liking to Commander Dion whom she speaks at length about. I have allowed her to spending time exploring the ship with my supervision, expect of course in secure areas such as engineering and security. Pandora is most interested in finding her place on the ship, she also has pushed to help with the construction of Cora’s body. I am holding off work on Cora until Kara gives me permission as those two are very close and I believe it is for her to do much of the work as she will act as Cora’s care giver. Until then Pandora has much to learn and hopefully do as Commander Dion will be finding duties for her.


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