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Posted on Wednesday April 8th, 2020 @ 1:42am by Lieutenant Commander Trea

Chief Science Officer’s Log

With Pandora receiving clandestine messages from Lorok I know it is my duty to report all I know of my brother. I was created first, my father was able to used the android “B4” as a template and using Romulan ingenuity improved the design. My father though working for the Tal Shiar was intent on his own agenda. My father wished to create the next stage in evolution my creating me to be able to reproduce my posetronic net and improve my own design to make better offspring. Unfortunately the officer overseeing my construction learned of my ability to produce and had my father detained and forced to complete Lorok with restrictions on this important piece of programming. Once Lorok was fully functional I was deactivated since the Tal Shiar considered me a risk. From what I learned after being reactivated by Star Fleet, Lorok was not reactivated and after Hobus he went missing with several D’Daridex battle cruisers and has only been hard from when his fleet appears to obtain supplies from Romulan storage facilities. I do not know his motives however I know that he has the same abilities as me but has been corrupted by the Tal Shiar. I hope that Pandora never meets him, however it is likely that he will find us.

Ensign Trea


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